Q: Why is Super 8 more expensive than video?

A: As with all things, when it costs more to create we must charge more for creating it. Film stock, processing, scanning to HD video all factor into the costs of creating Super 8 films. The value of art and history are in the eye of the beholder.

Q: There's a film effect you can put on video, isn't that good enough?

A: Not to us or our clients. There is a time and place for video but it's not here with us ;-). While watching authentic Super 8 film there is a pure, innocent psychological impact on the viewer. Seeing an image recorded where the light reflecting off your face actually imprints itself on a strip of film rather than being converted to 1's and O's like digital video is the essence of romancing with film. That's partly why we love it so much.

Q: We must have you immortalize our wedding with Super 8 film but we're getting married in Montana, do you travel?

A: Does David like homemade chocolate chip cookies? Does Angela like Hawaiian music? Heck yeah! Anywhere you go, we'll happily follow. We are based in Southern California, Santa Fe / Los Ranchos and have family in New York and Wisconsin we stay with while shooting there. We are available wherever you are or wherever the road may take you.